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Early discovery in biotherapeutics is undergoing massive changes as the need to source newer, innovative therapeutic candidates becomes ever greater. While new experimental methods, therapeutic pathways, and targets have opened many ways forward, traditional methods for capturing, visualizing, analyzing, and sharing data have proven unable to keep up with the pace of innovation. Early discovery teams need the ability to effectively collaborate to better identify new candidates, more quickly vet and ‘fail’ unsuitable ones, and efficiently utilize previous knowledge to pave the way forward to future success. Successfully adopting this approach can catalyze the R&D pipeline, leading to more impactful insights and widespread collaboration across the organization.

The Designed to Cure Industry Solution Experience transforms the discovery initiatives that drive the future of biotherapeutics organizations. It provides a novel, unified research environment by combining in silico modeling and simulation, experimental data capture and sharing, and workflow and process design.

Past Webinars

Title and Speaker

Out of Isolation: Embracing Collaborative Discovery
Alan S. Louie, Ph.D. Research Director / IDC Health Insights & Tim Moran Product Management Director / Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA


Discovery research in the life sciences has changed significantly since the time when a researcher would run a laboratory experiment at the lab bench, manually enter data into their paper lab notebook, and report results during the weekly group team meeting in a nearby conference room. Instruments generate much of today's data, electronic laboratory notebooks capture protocols, data, and insights, and research teams are spread around the world.

As we move forward, increasingly distributed, collaborative discovery research can benefit from technology tools that assist and empower today's researcher, providing them with resources to better achieve their potential, with a goal of accelerating discovery, advancing our knowledge, and helping to more quickly bring new solutions to society. In this short presentation, we will highlight the evolving discovery workspace and the opportunity to succeed in a rapidly changing life science ecosystem.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • The process of transitioning from an individual contributor to a team effort
  • Leveraging technology empowering operational excellence at the lab bench
  • Embracing discovery research as a part of the broader life science lifecycle
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A closer look at Dassault Systemès Designed to Cure Industry Solutions Experience
Tim Moran Director of Product Marketing, Biologics, Dassault Systemès BIOVIA & Adrian Stevens Senior Manager of Modeling & Simulations, Dassault Systemès BIOVIA

A closer look at Dassault Systemès Designed to Cure Industry Solutions Experience

Challenged by an expensive, slow and risky development process, today’s pharmaceutical manufacturers must find ways to better identify higher quality candidates while reducing cost and time to market. New drug development requires a mix of innovation and high variability that has to be documented and managed. This requires a flexible process and system that can accommodate changes on the fly and multiple iterations while capturing all the data created throughout the process.

Dassault Systèmes Designed to Cure Industry Solution Experience provides an integrated platform that delivers a data-driven innovation experience that reduce time to market through laboratory knowledge capture and predictive analytics.

Watch the webinar Getting to Market Faster with Higher Quality Novel Therapeutics here and you will:

  • Gain understanding of the key challenges of the pharmaceutical and biotech segments
  • See how the Designed to Cure Solution address can solve many of these problems
  • Observe one company’s experience of using capabilities of Designed to Cure and the value they derived from the solution

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