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Laboratory Management Webinars

Today’s laboratory manager is faced with taming growing streams of disparate data coming from a variety of different sources. As many organizations look to streamline costs to drive long term efficiency, traditional paper-based and disparate, disconnected software solutions are no longer sustainable.

To keep pace, laboratories will need to adopt a comprehensive digital solution to connect the various sources of data across externalizing organizations. Scientists will be able to rapidly reference and leverage existing knowledge resources, optimize use of materials, efficiently track samples, and effortlessly design and communicate validated experimental protocols. Unified laboratory solutions can lower costs, foster collaboration and innovation, and speed time to market.

Unified Laboratory Management solutions offered by BIOVIA support a seamless data stream between people, places, inventory, and instruments with a comprehensive suite of laboratory management tools backed by a scientifically aware platform.

Past Webinars

Title and Speaker

Simplifying Digital Strategies – Moving Beyond Point Solutions in Lab Informatics
Stephen Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Different lab informatics applications (and their acronyms) have multiplied exponentially in the past decade. Unfortunately, this makes most companies’ digital landscapes overwhelmingly complex. However, as products have matured, there is now the opportunity for technologies to converge together – creating more integrated lab informatics solutions which further streamline workflows and increase efficiencies.

  • How informatics applications such as ELNs, LIMS, LES and others are converging into integrated solutions
  • How removing barriers between applications leads to better collaboration, efficiency and data integrity
  • How technology convergence and data standardization is powering the next generation of data analytics
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How to Fuel Lab Efficiency with Unified Digital Solutions
Stephen Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Join Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA for this live webinar ‘How to Fuel Lab Efficiency with Unified Digital Solutions’ where we will discuss the benefits of a unified and open foundation can deliver to the lab; integrated inventory and supply management, streamlined management of equipment and metrology and the standardization of lab workflows. Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How to save costs and increase efficiency through integrated inventory and supply management
  • How to save time with intelligent management of equipment and metrology in a unified environment
  • How to standardize and streamline workflows to improve users’ lab experiences

A Q&A session will follow the presentation

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Data Management: Current Trends in Laboratory Informatics

As data moves to an increasingly electronic format, accessibility and organization become essential components to your lab's success. Whether you enlist the help of an informatics team or choose to independently manage, the need to adapt to demands of research science has never been greater. In cooperation with leading industry specialists, Lab Manager will outline a strategic plan to the successful evaluation, implementation, and utilization of the most recent advances in informatics technology. Learn how to remain competitive by developing more robust and scalable data management systems for your laboratory through this free webinar.

Session highlights:
  • Enhance data accessibility and security
  • Maximize productivity and innovation through informatics architecture
  • Integrate multiple lab systems with minimal workflow interruption
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Leverage Learning Between Labs
Peter Boogaard, CEO, Industrial Lab Automation
Daniela Jansen, Director, BIOVIA Solution Marketing

This webcast has been designed to provide a guide to laboratory users who wish to increase their capacity for data transfer and collaboration. In addition to laboratory managers and decision makers, this webcast is suitable for scientists and researchers who want to ’leverage learning’ to accelerate their laboratory practices.

The webcast is hosted by Scientific Computing World and sponsored by Biova, Core Informatics and Perkin Elmer and explores the role of informatics software in supporting and accelerating data transfer and collaboration to build scientific knowledge.

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Can You Afford Not to Leverage Your Scientific Information?
Mats Kihlen, BIOVIA

This webinar will discuss current life science industry challenges and outline how organizations using BIOVIA Electronic Lab Notebooks have reported 20% increased innovation productivity through better collaboration.

Session highlights:
  • Providing global corporate access to and sharing of scientific information
  • Advancing collaborations through integration and a shift in mind-sets
  • Improving lab workflows through Electronic Lab Notebook integration
  • Successfully implementing electronic laboratory notebook systems
  • Use cases of customers that have successfully implemented such strategies
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How Digital Transformation Drives Change and Collaboration in the Laboratory
Jens Reichwagen, Lonza and Daniela Jansen, BIOVIA

Business as usual is not enough. Today’s organizations need disruptive business models and digital technology to drive operational and productivity advancements. But decentralized and fragmented business units hinder digital transformation.

Download this webinar to hear Lonza and BIOVIA discuss:
  • What business values were achieved at Lonza from digitalizing their research operations?
  • How a lab informatics solution can have a sustainable impact on the organization
  • What needs to be considered when implementing a lab informatics solution?
  • How the implementation of lab informatics can support corporate digital transformation
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How to Connect Your Lab and Win the Race to Innovate
Daniela Jansen, Director, BIOVIA Solution Marketing

This webinar will describe how a connected lab modernizes the R&D workflow with centralized information systems that are integrated to improve collaboration and agility, leverage knowledge and accelerate innovation while simplifying quality and compliance. It will include examples from the CPG and Chemicals industries of tangible value gained from the implementation of a collaboration-centric laboratory environment that connects people, processes, materials and systems.

Session highlights:
  • Why a “connected lab” should be imperative to your organization
  • Which challenges from the CPG and Chemicals industries can be addressed with a “connected lab”
  • How customers have benefited from an implementation of a “connected lab”
  • What needs to be considered for a "connected lab" and how it can work in the broader business environment of a Chemicals or CPG organization
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Managing your Data
Gene Tetreault and other industry leaders

Any research project requires some level of data management, and with many funding agencies requiring scientists to establish good data management practices, understanding how to manage your lab’s data is critical. To help sort out the numerous choices available, the editors of Lab Manager have assembled a team of industry experts to discuss the latest trends in data management. Join the discussion, ask questions, and learn more in the live webinar presentation.

Session Highlights

  • How to build an effective data management toolkit
  • The latest technical solutions to attain your data management objectives
  • Best practices for data management before, during, and after your research is collected
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Scale and Leverage your CPV Initiatives Beyond Compliance
Kate Lusczakoski, Director of Value Engineering
Aaron Spence, Manager of Analytic Consulting

Continued Process Verification (CPV) is the monitoring of processes subsequent to validation in a continued manner throughout the lifetime of the product to ensure the process remains in control and meets the requirements set for the product. As many organizations know from experience, developing a scalable CPV monitoring program that enables sponsor and CMOs to collaboratively optimize their supply chain can be nearly impossible without the right tools.

Join us to learn about successful CPV monitoring components and how to minimize your implementation effort and obtain critical process improvement information. We will discuss designing for scalability to achieve a higher level of CPV monitoring maturity, lessons learned from BIOVIA customers and provide resources to move your CPV initiative forward. Attendees will also be provided with the knowledge and resources to evaluate their company’s level of CPV maturity.

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BIOVIA ELN 6.9, Mobile Trends in the Lab and ELN Migrations
Dennis Curran, Product Manager for BIOVIA Electronic Lab Notebook

Recently, BIOVIA released version 6.9 of the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). This release is the next step towards our goal of providing users with an unmatched experience in supporting and documenting their scientific work.

Join us for this webinar to see demonstrations of the new Quick Search function and updates to the file section allowing for easier integration of documents, images and other file based content into your experimental record. Also, we will cover mobile ELN operations with BIOVIA Capture and how we have migrated numerous customers from their legacy notebooks to BIOVIA ELN.

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Accelrys Capture – The New Mobile Data Recording App for Laboratory Informatics.
Dennis Curran, Lead Product Manager, Accelrys Capture

BIOVIA Capture, the new mobile data recording app for laboratory informatics, enables a completely new way of working with BIOVIA ELN at the bench. BIOVIA Capture is an easy and secure way to get a quick overview of tasks and experiments, data entry, procedure lookup and more. Customers no longer need to take notes on paper in the lab and transcribe them into the ELN in the office, wait for a kiosk computer in the lab or even take up valuable bench space with a dedicated computer in the lab. Attend this webinar to get a first-hand look at our truly mobile ELN app featuring:

  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • A workflow centric approach to support lab processes
  • The ability to visualize procedures and record data while in the lab
  • And much more

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Five Critical Components to Developing and Maintaining a Successful Process and Product Monitoring System
Dr. Kate Lusczakoski, Manager of Business Consulting, BIOVIA

Driven by Continuous Process Verification (CPV) and Federal guidelines from the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH), the development and maintenance of process and product monitoring (PPM) systems is the focus of many life science manufacturing companies. A statistically sound and automated PPM system with automated alerts can increase process understanding and productivity by reducing process variability, and improve quality outcomes.

Register for this webinar to learn the critical components to developing and maintaining a successful PPM system:

  • Alignment of federal, company & site initiatives
  • Data aggregation, contextualization, and interpretation
  • Proper use of Statistical Process Control techniques
  • And more...

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Key Factors to Look For in an
Environmental Monitoring System

Toine Overbeeke, Ph. D., Head of Quality Control at Holopack

Assessing User Requirements and IT Infrastructure are not the only things to consider when evaluating an Environmental Monitoring (EM) solution. Although these are critical factors, other things to consider include:

  • Can we calculate a valid and sustainable Return on Investment?
  • Is the system commercially available off the shelf or is there additional programming required to implement the system to your specifications?
  • How will you validate the system once it’s implemented?

Equally as important, you should evaluate the flexibility of the EM system, how it will interface with other components of your lab, and scalability of the system to other departments.

The experts at Holopack considered all of these components when choosing their EM system. Join Dr. Toine Overbeeke, Head of Quality Control, as he discusses the need for an EM system at Holopack, learn about their evaluation process and how they made a decision that will impact their business for years to come.

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How BIOVIA Environmental Monitoring software Improves Productivity, Reduces Compliance Risk
Gene Tetreault, Sr. Director Product Management, BIOVIA

Live Webinar: Tuesday, October 1, 8AM PDT

Environmental Monitoring (EM) is essential to ensure the biological safety and cleanliness of a product during its development in the lab. But aside from safeguarding against contamination, EM can also help organizations make strides to improve productivity and bring them further in line with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

This webinar, presented by Gene Tetreault, Sr. Director Product Management at BIOVIA, will discuss and demonstrate the efficiency and compliance benefits of implementing BIOVIA Environmental Monitoring, including:

  • Ability to collect and process more samples with fewer people
  • Stronger correlation of data and more complete information for audits
  • Faster turnaround of information for product release
  • Management of all aspects of a paperless environmental monitoring program including sampling plan creation, scheduling, collection and reporting

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Going Paperless: From Idea to Realization, How BIOVIA Management Consulting Can Help You Optimize Your Processes
Ulf Fuchslueger, Sr Dir Strategic Accounts, BIOVIA

In today’s competitive environment no organization can afford inefficiencies – especially not in the laboratory. In order to implement impactful changes, Key Performance Indicators need to be identified, benchmarked and measured against. Learn how the BIOVIA Management Consulting team can provide you with the required metrics, “as-is” analysis and “to-be” scenarios to turn the performance of your laboratory process into “process excellence.”

Engagements with BIOVIA Management Consulting have enabled customers to move towards the paperless lab with the following benefits:

  • Up to 30% increase in lab productivity and efficiency
  • Improved lab data management
  • Lower risk while improving quality, compliance and data consistency
  • And much more

Join us for this live webinar as we highlight the benefits of engaging with the team for laboratory process excellence, multi-moment analysis and integration consulting.

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Next Generation Informatics Needs for Pharma

Multiple speakers:
Paul McKenzie, Ph.D. Vice President, Manufacturing and Technical Operations (MTO) Janssen Supply Chain (JSC)
Ken Rapp Managing Director and Sr. Vice President, ADQM BIOVIA

Labs and manufacturing plants strive for operational excellence to reduce development and manufacturing costs, reduce cycle times and at the same time reduce compliance risks. Traditionally, the informatics environment has been a hybrid of paper and electronic systems—paper notebooks, paper binders and log books—combined with ERP, LIMS, CDS and MES systems. More recently this slew of acronyms has been complimented with the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). The result is a mixture of informatics products from multiple vendors supporting parts of a process.

In this webinar, industry experts will explore the role of these systems in the new product and process development stage and downstream technology transfer to cGMP QA/QC commercial operations. We’ll share a new way of approaching product/process and commercial development with a focus on ISA S88 and S95 standards and innovative data management through a “recipe-based” innovative workflow process. This webinar will outline these processes and how informatics systems are converging to support R&D process efficiencies, QbD requirements and improved operational excellence and compliance risks for global commercial plant environments.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to reduce cycle times and improve positive outcomes in pharma and biotech R&D through effective data capture and management.
  • How to provide an efficient technology transfer process from R&D to Pilot and Plant operations for new product commercialization programs.
  • How to reduce IT/IS tasks/implementation challenges and operational costs through convergence of disparate IT “systems” with an innovation life-cycle platform strategy.

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An Inside Look into the Benefits of a Lab Execution System One Year after Implementation: A Perrigo Case Study
Deborah Baker, QC Compliance Support Supervisor, Perrigo
Gene Tetreault, Sr. Technical Director, BIOVIA

Join us for this interactive webinar in which Deborah Baker, QC Compliance Support Supervisor with Perrigo, a leading global healthcare supplier, will highlight the benefits of a Lab Execution System (LES) one year after implementation, including reduced turnaround time and a streamlined review process. Hear how the BIOVIA LES and LIMS have supported Perrigo in their mission, “To meet the world’s growing need for quality, affordable healthcare.”

The BIOVIA Process Management and Compliance Suite now encompasses the entire continuum of critical activities from process development, optimization, validation and scale-up all the way to highly efficient process execution. The Suite includes an industry-leading Electronic Lab Notebook, a proven LES and a new process and execution centric LIMS designed from the ground up to meet today’s needs for compliant manufacturing and commercialization.

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