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What's New in the Documents and Text Collection?

Researchers face a daily challenge to identify, process and extract useful information from the huge volumes of unstructured data coming from sources such as journal articles, patents and internal reports. The Documents and Text Collection can help you deal with this data deluge, enabling you to obtain, process and store necessary information found in documents.

The Documents and Text Collection combines what were previously the Text Analytics and ChemMining Collections, providing comprehensive capabilities to identify key documents from both internal and external sources, extract the right information from those documents and then combine, analyze and present that information to reinforce primary research findings and support critical decision making.

Join us for this live webinar to learn about the latest enhancements to this Collection including:

  • Chemically-aware search app
  • Extracting content in context from Word docs
  • Adding content into Word docs
  • Patent search app
  • Search Twitter
  • And much more

Presented by: Andrew LeBeau, Advisory Product Manager, Accelrys

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