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Accelrys Academic Collaborators

Strategic alliances with leading researchers ensure that our products and scientific research program are maintained at the leading edge. Some of our key collaborators are listed below.

Collaborator Institution Description
Professor Francine Acher University of Paris, Descartes Computational and experimental approaches to drug development (application and validation)
Professor Maurizio Botta University of Siena Applications and validations
Prof. Richard Catlow The Royal Institution, UK Computational and structural studies of complex materials
Professor Art Cho Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Korea University Structure-based design and QM/MM
Professor Tim Clark University of Erlangen Quantum mechanics (VAMP code)
Dr. Stewart Clark University of Durham QM for condensed matter (MS CASTEP)
Dr. Gabor Czanyi University of Cambridge Hybrid quantum/classical simulations
Dr. Bernard Delley Paul Scherrer Institute Electronic structure theory (MS DMol3)
Dr. James Elliott University of Cambridge Nanotechnology and polymer simulations
Prof. Thomas Frauenheim BCCMS, University of Bremen, Germany Tight binding density functional simulations, DFTB+
Prof. Julian Gale Curtin University, Perth, Australia Classical simulations (MS GULP)
Professor Irina Gazaryan The Burke Medical Research Institute, Cornell University Applications and validations
Dr Phil Hasnip University of York QM for condensed matter (MS CASTEP)
Dr Peter Haynes Imperial College London Linear scaling QM (MS ONETEP)
Professor Roderick E Hubbard Department of Chemistry
University of York
X-ray Crystallography and Fragment-based design methods
Dr Tonek Jansen Eindhoven University of Technology Kinetic Monte-Carlo modelling (MS Kinetix)
Professor Martin Karplus Harvard University Structure, dynamics and energetics of biomolecules (CHARMm)
Prof Ming-Hsien Lee Tamkang University, Taiwan Ab initio calculation for optical properties
Dr. Amitesh Maiti Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA Nanotechnology applications
Dr Francesco Mauri Laboratoire de Mineralogie-Cristallographie de Paris MS NMR CASTEP
Dr Arash Mostofi Imperial College London Linear scaling QM (MS ONETEP)
Professor Sanders Nabuurs University of Nijmegen, Netherlands Computational drug discovery, Modeling and data modeling
Prof. Matthew Neurock University of Virginia, USA QM simulations, catalysis, Kinetic Monte Carlo
Professor John Ngai University of CA, Berkeley In Silico and experimental methods to study the olfactory system (application and validation)
Professor Michael Payne Cambridge University QM technology and applications
Prof Chris Pickard University College London QM for condensed matter
Dr Matt Probert University of York QM for condensed matter
Dr Keith Refson Rutherford Appleton Laboratory QM for condensed matter
Professor Didier Rognan Research Director at the CNRS, Universite Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, France Method development and applications in protein-based drug design and virtual screening
Dr Andrej Sali University of California, San Francisco Bioinformatics, computational structural biology
Dr Matt Segall Cavendish Laboratory (Camridge University) QM for condensed matter
Dr Paul Sherwood Science and Technology Facilities Council Hybrid quantum/classical simulations (MS QMERA, DS QUANTUMm)
Dr Chris-Kriton Skylaris University of Southampton Linear scaling QM (MS ONETEP)
Professor Zhiping Weng Boston University Protein docking (ZDOCK code)
Prof Bjoern Winkler University of Frankfurt Structure and properties of condensed matter
Dr Jonathan Yates Cavendish Laboratory (Cambridge University) QM for condensed matter (CASTEP NMR)

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