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Accelrys Sample Applications

The scientifically-aware Accelrys Enterprise Platform enhances organizational efficiency, improves collaboration and speeds innovation in lab-to-plant processes, enabling organizations to bring better products to market more quickly and efficiently. Built on the Accelrys Enterprise Platform, Accelrys’ Pipeline Pilot graphical scientific workflow authoring application offers a range of scientific capabilities that can be configured to automate discovery workflows or to solve specific research and development problems.

Accelrys Sample Applications are not pre-packaged, supported applications. Rather, they are demonstration software configurations that illustrate how Pipeline Pilot and the scientific component collections available with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform can be applied to specific research processes.

The Sample Applications listed below offer several different options - sign up for a free trial, view the introductory webinar or contact us to learn more about how Pipeline Pilot can be tailored to address these and other processes in the research and development cycle.

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