A Complete Cheminformatics
Solution from BIOVIA

Industry Challenges

Effective decision making in a flood of data

Life Sciences R&D organizations face major challenges today including:

  • Data Access/Collation – Scientific data gathering and collation from internal, external and public data sources are error-prone, time-consuming processes, often resulting in static, dated information and decisions based on incomplete data.
  • Data Analysis – The volume of data can be overwhelming; data analysis methods can be complex, sometimes requiring computational experts to intervene.
  • Reporting – Report generation is typically manual, labor-intensive and error-prone, impeding the dissemination of results and hampering decision making.
  • Collaboration – Decisions on research projects should be based on the collective knowledge of the team – this can be hindered by non-real-time methods of information sharing such as spreadsheets and email.
  • Limited Informatics– Cheminformatics systems traditionally support the representation, registration, search and analysis of small molecules only. Effective decision making requires the ability to handle both small and large molecules including chemically-modified biologics and drug-antibody conjugates.

In summary:

Your team needs to… But you can’t because… So decisions are slowed by…

Gather all relevant data

Data is in disparate locations and locked in “silos”

Incomplete data

Accurately collate all data

Collation is a time-consuming, error-prone manual process

Incomplete/inaccurate data

Have a real-time view of data

Manual collation produces static data views

Stale data and views

Perform analytics/visualization

Multiple software packages and/or experts are required

Incomplete analysis; time-consuming investigations

Collaborate on analysis and decisions

Data and analysis are local, hard to share

Individual/small group analysis

Work with small molecules, biologics and mixed entities

Your informatics system supports representation, registration and analysis of small molecules only

Inadequate management and sharing of all types of entities being produced today