Learn about our partner ecosystem and the many opportunities we offer to provide mutual customers with the latest, best-in-class scientific solutions.

Partner Ecosystem

Join Our Partner Program

Join Our Partner Program

The Accelrys Partner Program enables leading software companies and consulting firms to develop and promote their solutions and services with Accelrys offerings in order to gain competitive advantage and create enhanced value for customers.
We offer three tiers of partner engagement:

  • Platinum: Partnership at this level is by invitation only, reserved for global market leaders who are prepared to make significant levels of strategic investments and a commitment to Accelrys technology.
  • Gold: Partners at the Gold level provide industry-leading solutions to customers and are committed to success with Accelrys in order to receive additional benefits and incentives.
  • Silver: Enables new partners to begin their business with Accelrys and existing partners to further develop their relationships.

Upon entry into the Partner Program, you can rely on Accelrys for training and certification opportunities, marketing and sales support and technical services. See the chart below for Partner Program benefits at every level:


Acceptance to the Accelrys Partner Program is based upon the viability of the applying company, the company’s presence in the market, a joint value proposition for the market, appropriate solution fit, customer need for the solution, and level of partner commitment. For more details on the Accelrys Partner Program requirements, please view the View the Accelrys Partner Program Guide.

For further details on the program and how you can join Accelrys as a partner: Submit the Accelrys Partner Program Application

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