Accelerate scientific innovation through rapid
integration and deployment
of critical software


Accelrys Enterprise Platform

How can a scientifically aware informatics platform accelerate collaboration and innovation within your organization?

Announcing Accelrys Enterprise Platform 9.0

Learn about new capabilities supporting:

  • Big Data: Access, analyze and visualize large volumes of data
  • Externalization: Leverage Internet-based deployments, advanced security capabilities
  • Chemistry Harmonization: Consistently store, manage, analyze and depict all chemical types including molecules, reactions and chemically modified biologics across applications
  • IT Services: Lower TCO with enhanced user and system administrator capabilities. Leverage existing security and hardware infrastructure.



The Accelrys Enterprise Platform is a unique, scientifically-aware software platform that enhances organizational efficiency, improves collaboration and speeds innovation in lab-to-plant processes, enabling organizations to bring better products to market more quickly and efficiently.

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform provides:

  • Application Services
  • Development Services
  • Data Management Services
  • IT Services
  • Scientific and Generic Services


The Accelrys applications built on Accelrys Enterprise Platform enable access to scientific solutions across different domains while relying on Accelrys Enterprise Platform to simplify integration into existing IT environments and lower IT administration costs. The Accelrys Enterprise Platform makes it possible to integrate partner and third-party technologies to create valuable solutions for customers.

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform enables scientific innovation and lowers total cost of ownership by delivering:

  • Flexible, configurable service-oriented architecture
  • Data management, analysis and reporting on complex structured and unstructured data types including chemical structures, biological sequences, images, numeric and text
  • Integration with third-party applications, databases and existing infrastructure

The Accelrys Enterprise Platform’s Component Collections enable researchers, developers and IT professionals to build, deploy, analyze and report on complex scientific data types, improving scientific processes, accelerating decisions, and lowering costs. The Component Collections are available to all of the Accelrys applications, Accelrys partner solutions and other third-party applications.

Explore the four solution pillars of the Accelrys Enterprise Platform.

Data Management and Informatics

Enterprise Lab Management

Modeling and Simulation

Workflow and Automation

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