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GULP Scientific References - 2018

  1. Mun-Hyok Ri et al.,
    Ab initio Investigation of Adsorption Characteristics of Bisphosphonates on Hydroxyapatite (001) Surface,
    Journal of Materials Science 53 (2018) 4252-4261 ( abstract )
  2. X.-Y. Liu, D. A. Andersson,
    Revisiting the diffusion mechanism of helium in UO2: A DFT+U study,
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 498 (2018) 373-377 ( abstract )
  3. Sabrina M. de Freitas, Marcos V. dos S. Rezende,
    Effect of europium concentration on its distribution in the host sites of lithium tantalite,
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 112 (2018) 158-162 ( abstract )

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