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Introducing DiscoveryGate

Source compounds faster and more cost-effectively with comprehensive, up-to-date supplier information.

DiscoveryGate is the ideal portal to Accelrys chemical sourcing content:

With DiscoveryGate, you can locate, compare and make purchasing decisions with unmatched speed and efficiency. That means no more hunting around the web or toggling back and forth between sites for price or availability comparisons.

Web-based, providing easy access from any location

You can access DiscoveryGate directly through your web browser with no installation required, making it easy to use and reliable.

An intuitive search engine and a clean, simple interface

DiscoveryGate is designed for ease of use with a text search engine and a clean, user-friendly interface. Search by identifiers like the MFCD number or chemical name. Or search by chemical structure, using the simple structure editor. High-level compound comparisons make it fast and easy to select compounds and suppliers that meet your needs.

Get the information you need, the way you need it

DiscoveryGate enables you to filter your results to get exactly the information you’re looking for, with pricing visible on the initial results screen. Beyond this, DiscoveryGate organizes the information so you can easily compare price, quantity and purity across all suppliers to efficiently find your best purchase. Click to add your selections to a print-ready shopping list for quick handoff to your procurement department.

DiscoveryGate Classic ( will remain available to existing customers until its retirement on May 31, 2012. No new DiscoveryGate Classic accounts will be set up. ACD and SCD are available on the new DiscoveryGate platform If you license one or more of the sourcing databases you already have an account on the new platform. Please start becoming familiar with it by visiting

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