Streamline capture, analysis and reporting of scientific information, registration and screening to enhance collaboration, accelerate decisions and improve the
efficiency of key research processes



Informatics for Biology


Increase the efficiency of your bioinformatics workflows through the collection, mining, analysis and sharing of biological data across the organization with Pipeline Pilot and theBiology Collections available with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform. Learn more about Accelrys bioinformatics solutions:

Biological Infomation Systems

Accelrys Biological Registration System
Biological Registration is the first multi-entity, fully-integrated system for registering, relationship-tracking, querying, and reporting on biological entities such as antibodies, cell lines, plasmids, proteins and more. Built in close collaboration with top pharmaceutical companies, this award-winning system helps manage your intellectual assets, improve operational efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership compared to building and maintaining an in-house system. And unlike competing systems, entities within the Accelrys Biological Registration System can be readily tailored and extended to meet specific customer needs, all without writing code.

Learn more about the Accelrys Biological registration system

Assay and Study Data Management

Accelrys BioRails DM offers comprehensive support for tracking, planning and execution of biological experiments within pharma organizations.

Accelrys BioRails PTO is a unique system that supports project tracking and organization.

Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook

Efficiently document, protect, share and re-use in vivo and in vitro biological experimentation involving biologics, target identification and validation, assay development, screening, drug metabolism/pharmacokinetics, toxicology, and bio-analytics.

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