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Accelrys JDraw 1.1 SP4 HF2

JDraw allows you to draw structures and reactions and copy them to another applicaton that understands chemical entities; examples include Accelrys Draw, ISIS/Draw, and ChemDraw. You can also copy structures from these applications and modify them in JDraw. A graphic image is also copied to the clipboard and that allows a picture to be pasted into Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint for reporting purposes.

The getMolString and getChimeString enable production of the appropriate molfile, rxnfile, or Chimestring as text. Alternatively, a molfile, a rxnfile, or a Chimestring can be pasted into the box and rendered using the setMolString or setChimeString buttons. getRxnString is specific to reactions.

Hydrogen Display:  

Atoms ToolBar:  

Color Atoms By Type:  

JDraw currently does not create Sgroups but it can render most of them. Support for Sgroups is scheduled for a future release.