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Imaging Component Collection

Research and discovery organizations around the world are flooded with exponentially increasing numbers of digital images from numerous disconnected departments and disparate databases, local hard drives, network drives, USBs and a variety of other storage media. Executives look to IT experts to reduce costs, better manage and standardize the processes involved in imaging studies with a view to facilitating better informed decisions in collaborative environments.

The increase in instruments and associated imaging assays comes with many image informatics challenges requiring new algorithms and tools to extract, classify, correlate and model image features and content from the huge numbers of images acquired. Scientists generating multi-modal images have been relying on IT experts to provide image processing and statistical analysis in user friendly application environments which also enable the integration of image study data with associated project data. The challenge of integrating image data with other project-related data impacts everyone in the process but weighs most heavily on project managers, program managers and scientific department heads looking for flexible, user-friendly environments for both on and off-premises enterprise collaboration.

Imagine having a single centralized image informatics platform for all your organization's images, regardless of format. BIOVIA Foundation enables you to seamlessly integrate and standardize all your images and associated data. Whether you are a research scientist, informatician or IT director, Accelrys imaging solutions help you unlock the answers you need from your imaging data, be more productive and make smarter, better-informed decisions.

Accelrys offers an integrated solution for: image processing and analysis; metadata configuration; integration with other data types; statistics; learning and modeling; interactive reporting; and image management for cataloguing, searching, filtering, viewing and annotating.

Accelrys Imaging Collection Features

  • Share and manage images and associated data across your enterprise  and external partner network
  • Customize image processing workflows for any applications
  • Create and deploy protocols ranging from simple image manipulation to complex clustering with interactive data-connected reporting
  • Reduce costs and challenges associated with managing multiple image analysis platforms
  • Improve quality control and reporting processes with image-to-data links
  • Apply learning and modeling techniques to image regions for advanced processing and analysis
  • Employ out-of-the-box support for leading HPC and grid systems including Oracle Grid Engine, LSF, PBS/Torque
  • Integrate with numerous third-party processing and management systems

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