Process Management and Compliance

Transform process development, process execution
and process informatics within compliant operations.


Accelrys Discoverant

Process Management Informatics for Manufacturing Excellence

Accelrys Discoverant is a validatable Process Management Informatics (PMI) application that integrates powerful ad hoc investigational analytics with a unique data modeling technology. The software provides real-time, on-demand data access, analysis and reporting of manufacturing and process development data on-demand by the end users themselves, reducing supply chain costs by making manufacturing process outcomes more predictable and by:

The application provides on-demand access to all data types from all sources for all users―regardless of functional area or geography―for analysis and reporting.

Collaboration and Transparency for
Contract Manufacturers and Sponsors

Accelrys Discoverant CM is a process informatics software application for contract manufacturing that offers contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) a collaborative data access, contextualization, analysis and reporting environment that eliminates geography as a factor in the working relationships among CMOs and sponsors.


Accelrys Discoverant and Accelrys Discoverant CM are components of the Accelrys Process Management and Compliance Suite, a comprehensive software offering for capturing, managing and analyzing development and process data for operational excellence in new product development and commercial manufacturing and quality operations.


Best-of-breed tools for sophisticated multivariate data analysis: See the power of Accelrys Discoverant working with SIMCA-P+


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