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BIOVIA CISPro: Materials Lifecycle Management

Derive a Deeper Understanding of your Materials

Effective materials management lies at the core of laboratory operations at any research-based organization. The definition of what constitutes a “material” in scientific product development is broad, spanning everything from base chemicals to biologicals to engineered materials:

  • Building blocks of the products that are being developed
  • Chemicals used in synthesis
  • Intermediates formed
  • Products developed
  • Reagents and reference standards used in analysis
  • Supplies consumed

Despite the significant investment made in qualifying materials, many organizations still do not understand the variability inherent in the constituents of many of their products. As more regulatory agencies are requiring more defined material variables in finished products, organizations will need to adopt new methods to ensure consistent quality and compliance.

BIOVIA’s Material Lifecycle Management (MLM) expands upon the traditional inventory management workflow by attaching all necessary material data to a given entry as it moves throughout the inventory management cycle. For example, users can see what quality testing has been done for a given entry, what impurities it may contain, what Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are associated with it, and where it was manufactured before requesting it for use. It captures and provides the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

Traditional inventory management focuses on overseeing the procurement, storage, distribution, and disposal of a given entity efficiently. Adding an MLM-based approach allows teams to more easily reference all the data associated with each entity. Eliminating redundant data collection can significantly reduce operations cost and allow scientists to focus on their research.

By adding MLM to BIOVIA CISPro, an organization can unify all its materials data into a single electronic environment. It eliminates redundancy or discrepancies caused by overlapping data sets and removes unnecessary quality testing. Teams can focus on collecting data only when it is needed, reducing overall material data management cost. Users of this holistic data model will be able to:

  • Visit one place to manage all lab inventory
  • Access regulatory and safety information of the materials
  • Define similar materials for a given purpose
  • Evaluate supplier COA data against internal testing
  • Check for materials quality as needed
  • Understand variability of the materials
  • Streamline material ordering process

The true power of BIOVIA’s MLM goes beyond inventory management. By adopting a comprehensive materials data model, organizations can develop a thorough understanding of the variability inherent in the various materials they use, ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance.

  • Single system of record for material related data
  • Data supports needs of multiple roles
  • Better quality data
  • Elimination of redundant data systems
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Standardized safety and regulatory assessments

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