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25% productivity improvement, error reduction and easier reporting by moving from paper based lab notebooks to BIOVIA

Informatics Driven Project Execution for In Vivo Pharmacology

“Reduce cycle times and optimize capacity management for in vivo pharmacology projects through improved workflow orchestration and data management.”

Leveraging BIOVIA’s Unified Lab Management software, pharmacology groups have a unique opportunity to support the combined management of tasks and information associated with in vivo pharmacology studies. Utilizing appications such as the BIOVIA Workbook based on the BIOVIA Foundation, pharmacologists are able to accelerate and reduce the cost of in vivo pharmacology studies through improved workflow orchestration and data management.

Using BIOVIA solutions for in vivo pharmacology you can:

  • Accelerate Studies: Centrally assign, track, monitor and report on tasks, enabling optimization of project cycles across teams.
  • Improve Productivity: Rapidly capture study information and utilize built-in analysis, presentation, automation and reporting tools or add-on capabilities via BIOVIA Foundation to improve personal productivity.
  • Gain Better Insight: Easily access, share, analyze and report on all in vivo project details, gaining improved insights and making faster decisions across pharmacology studies

BIOVIA delivers out of the box templates to support pharmacological studies enabling rapid capture, access, analysis and reporting of data from studies such as:

  • Body weight diabetes
  • Tumor volume
  • Animal Locomotion
  • Bioavailability
  • Hepatic clearance

With a flexible and easy to configure interface, any number of workflow cascades can be created and study information is centrally, consistently and accurately stored for rapid access and reporting.


Learn more in this informative webinar, “Expanding the ELN with Integrated Analytical Scientific Spreadsheets.”

  • Webinar: Cycle Times and Improving Capacity Management for In Vivo Preclinical Studies.

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Informatics-Driven Project Execution for In Vivo Pharmacology

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