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BIOVIA Samples

A flexible approach to managing sample and specification workflows in the lab

The BIOVIA Samples application supports a variety of ways to manage the following laboratory workflows in a secure Web-based environment:

  • Inspection lot management
  • Specification management
  • Sample chain of custody management
  • Test execution and result entry
  • Result review and reporting

As samples are collected and submitted, they become visible to the system. Samples are assigned testing workflows and lab location/destination parameters, and the optional BIOVIA Workbook ELN or LES core application features for assigning/managing analytical procedures can then become active.

Lab staff can easily define any sample type, assigning typical workflow rules and properties for consistently capturing supporting data such as customer account, lot ID, product and/or internal specifications and more. You can use the calendar functions for scheduling or managing ad hoc or on-receipt/request samples. The same sample tracking, audit history, assignment and method execution procedures used by other BIOVIA LIMS applications are used for managing routine samples.

BIOVIA Samples can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated with existing ELN or LES systems to improve documentation efficiency, ensure compliant procedure documentation and reduce manual transcription errors.

BIOVIA Samples provides an out-of-the-box environment that can be readily configured to meet specific needs without the extensive and expensive modifications traditionally seen with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) modules.

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