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The Paperless Lab

Usually the outcome of an engagement with BIOVIA Management Consulting is the recommendation to reduce time-consuming and error-prone manual steps (mostly paper-based) by integrating devices and systems and automating processes, essentially moving towards a Paperless Lab. The key principle of the paperless lab is the “self-documenting process” that eliminates unnecessary tasks from the workflow and automatically produces GxP-compliant documentation. Automated data collection and transfer eliminates redundant or fragmented data, while implementing a “single-source of-truth” principle makes data available to every authorized user in real-time. This leads to improved processes, increased efficiency, faster decision-making and better teamwork through:

Immediate Data Availability

  • Increase productivity with constant and consistent access to scientific data.
  • Eliminate non-value-added activities like time-consuming walks to the archive or waiting for off-site record retrieval.
  • Drill down to individual results including raw data, obtain miscellaneous information and retrieve reports and summarized information from any computer.

Improved Data Integrity

  • Eliminate transcription errors: Scientific studies show that manual transcription has an error rate of about 3%. BIOVIA integration and automation solutions reduce this risk, dramatically increasing the quality of your data while freeing up resources.
  • Enter required data only once: BIOVIA solutions aggregate data from different systems and locations and provide information when needed, thus avoiding manual transcription and improving data integrity. Imagine transferring a sample name from your ERP to your LIMS or a peak label from your CDS via your LIMS to a Certificate of Analysis – all made possible through system integration.
  • Automate your calculations: Tired of validating Excel sheets? BIOVIA has solutions for the integration of complex calculations, from SSTs to sophisticated statistics in validated environments. Automating such calculations eliminates errors and the need for review.
  • Barcode for confidence: Unequivocal identification of samples, reports and consumables via barcodes facilitates documentation and location tracking and makes all labels legible. BIOVIA can assist with planning and implementation of barcode hardware/software requirements.
  • Let the system generate your reports: Modern LIMS provide state-of-the-art reporting with automatic generation/distribution/versioning and no manual transcriptions. This improves quality, speeds processes and increases efficiency.

Optimized Data Security

  • Transfer the important task of backing up and archiving data to IT experts.
  • Avoid the use of diverse storage media and formats and different procedures with respect to data frequency, retention periods and security.
  • Spend more time doing data generation and analysis, less doing data administration.

Benefits of the Paperless Lab

  • Increase lab productivity and efficiency by more than 30%
  • Decrease costs by typically over 20%
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Shorten development/lead time
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Improve knowledge management and retention
  • Minimize risk while improving quality, compliance and data consistency

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