Make the most of your investment in Accelrys solutions with lab-to-plant process consulting, onsite implementation, expert training and superior support


Solutions Consulting

From the moment you become a customer, our number one priority is helping you achieve your goals and maximizing your investment in our solutions.   Our services are designed to meet your needs over the lifetime of your relationship with Accelrys.

With experience in Life Sciences, Chemical, Energy, Personal Care Products, Food Products, Manufacturing, Materials and other industries, Accelrys Solutions Consulting provides customers with top quality consulting services to help ensure success with the adoption and use of our products.

The Accelrys Solutions Consulting team includes experts across a broad range of scientific disciplines, as well as experienced scientific computing, IT integration, and project management consultants who are available for engagements worldwide.  In addition, our growing network of partners provides an expanded “virtual team” of Accelrys consultants for any job.

Accelrys Solutions Consulting will help you:

  • Install and configure Accelrys solutions so that you achieve maximum benefit
  • Manage data migration to ensure successful deployment
  • Create cross-functional, streamlined enterprise solutions
  • Get started with an initial set of working Pipeline Pilot protocols for your specific needs
  • Integrate Accelrys offerings with existing systems or solutions from other vendors
  • Enhance product expertise by bringing an Accelrys expert in house

QSAR Workbench

Developed in a collaboration between the Accelrys Professional Services team and pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, the Accelrys QSAR Workbench is a commercially available, web-based solution that automates and accelerates the development, validation and deployment of predictive Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) models. Built on the Pipeline Pilot platform, the QSAR Workbench utilizes native QSAR methods and easily integrates with other statistical tools—helping experts and non-experts alike save time, reduce costs, collaborate more effectively and speed research by leveraging robuts, predictive models. The QSAR Workbench reduces modeling time from days to hours and enables chemists to make faster, better decisions.



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