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Catalyst Migration to Discovery Studio Training

Oveview: Catalyst Migration to Discovery Studio Training

In this workshop the migration from Catalyst to Discovery Studio pharmacophore modeling protocols and tools will be discussed.

On completion of the workshop the user will have covered:

  • System Requirements and Licensing
  • Catalyst functionality modules in DS
  • Catalyst and new enhanced functions available in DS
  • Mapping of Catalyst functions to tools and protocols in DS
  • Compare and Contrast Catalyst/DS functions
  • Calculate 3D conformations using the Catalyst Confirm algorithm in DS
  • Set and run the HipHop in DS
  • Set and run the HypoGen in DS
  • HypoRefine and Steric Refinement in DS
  • Perform a Catalyst compare/fit operations in DS
  • Build a Catalyst database and perform 3D Database searches in DS
  • Convert a 3D conformation of a molecule to a shape query and performs a 3D shape search of a database
  • Perform Structure-Based Pharmacophore analysis in DS
  • Use the Pharmacophore tool panel to selectively display, cluster, and edit query features in interaction maps

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