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Academic Institutions

At Accelrys, we understand that as an academic researcher, you drive innovation that impacts the larger community. With that challenge comes pressure to publish in renowned journals, secure patents, and acquire grants to further research. With so many demands, yet limited time and money, you need fast access to cutting-edge scientific algorithms in a software environment that increases productivity, facilitates collaboration, reduces the cost of experimentation, and ultimately helps you make new discoveries first.

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Solutions for Academia

From Students & Teachers to University Administration and IT Support Staff, Accelrys has solutions designed to meet your needs. Visit the Accelrys Academic Solutions area to determine what might be a fit for you.

Resource Center

Accelrys has designed an Academic Resource Center with grant listings, featured content and academic assets to help further your research endeavors.  You can also hear from fellow researchers and how they’ve successfully implemented Accelrys solutions into their research programs.

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