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Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, sometimes compromise doesn't work. The alloy must be lighter, without sacrificing strength. The coating needs to provide optimal protection, while also improving appearance. The electronic device must be smaller, but also faster. When there's little room for give-and-take, the design process can sometimes seem impossible. Overcome these challenges and improve not only your end product, but also your overall aerospace R&D process, with the help of Accelrys software. 

With Accelrys’ scientific informatics platform, Pipeline Pilot, and its advanced materials modeling and simulation software, Materials Studio, you can:

  • Design better products faster by first perfecting designs in silico, prior to costly development effort. For example:
    • Optimize coatings by predicting whether they will adhere well to surfaces, remain stable over time, and protect from corrosion, scratching, UV and aging
    • Improve electronic conductors, insulators, sensors and displays by predicting and optimizing fundamental properties (e.g., band gaps and dielectric constants), mechanical properties (e.g., elastic constants and hardness), and optical properties (e.g., reflectability)
    • Reduce costs and fuel consumption by designing lighter and stronger materials
  • Speed development cycles by leveraging existing research workflows and automating processes such as data gathering, integration, and analysis 
  • Streamline your research environment by integrating disconnected software and databases in a plug-and-play environment
  • Make better decisions by accessing real-time project status reports

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