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Biotechnology Industry

From creating better drugs to more productive crops, biotechnology companies deliver change that propels markets forward. But for many companies, the technology that helps drive innovation can sometimes hinder it. There is too much data to manage. Software programs and databases are disconnected. Teams cannot easily share their findings. Newly available algorithms are difficult to integrate into existing workflows.  Previously garnered insight doesn't transition into new projects. Accelrys offers you unparalleled opportunity for customizing an integrated discovery platform that helps you overcome these challenges and drive your research to new levels.

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Accelrys product offerings for biotechnology research includes the following:

Scientific Informatics Platform

Pipeline Pilot lets you graphically create complex scientific analysis and reporting workflows that can be automated, reused and shared.

See some of the benefits of Pipeline Pilot in Biotechnology Research

With Pipeline Pilot you can:

  • Uncover insights hidden in your data by integrating and analyzing data that is isolated in different repositories or research groups.
  • Perform advanced scientific analysis with a robust collection of algorithms and best-practice protocols, such as those for Mass Spectrometry for Proteomics, Gene Expression, Sequence Analysis, Image Analysis, R Statistics, and more.
  • Save time by automating cumbersome data gathering, analysis, and reporting processes.
  • Leverage cutting-edge approaches by integrating newly available third-party or in-house algorithms without destroying existing workflows.
  • Enforce best practices and enhance collaboration by sharing results, real-time reports and dashboards, detailed workflows, and task-based procedures.

Learn more about Pipeline Pilot.

Life Science Modeling and Simulation

Discovery Studio delivers the advanced life science modeling and simulation tools you need, on a platform that enables process automation, custom workflow creation, and integration of disparate data types, databases, and third-party or in-house tools.

See some of the benefits of Discovery Studio in Biotechnology Research

With Discovery Studio you can:

  • Uncover new targets by developing 3D protein structures using homology/antibody modeling and simulating potential interactions.
  • Quickly identify promising leads with sophisticated structure-based, ligand-based, and pharmacophore-based modeling tools.
  • Spot potential problems early with ADME, toxicology and activity profiling tools.
  • Optimize candidates with library design, QSAR, SAR, pharmacophore, and fragment-based design tools.

Learn more about Discovery Studio.


Accelrys Informatics Products let you capture, manage, analyze and mine large quantities of research data and information, including data on chemical compounds and biological entities.

See some of the benefits of Accelrys Informatics Products in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys Informatics Products, you can:

  • Overcome the challenges of registering biological entities such as antibodies, vaccines, and small molecules.
  • Successfully manage chemical inventory with an integrated system that enables fine-tuned searching, experimental planning and execution, location of compounds, analogues and reagents available for purchase, and integration with other systems (e.g., corporate requisition systems and electronic laboratory notebooks).
  • Create a custom corporate registration system that provides secure and easy access to compound data alongside supportive data (e.g., biological and property data), as well as additional services such as 2D structure checking, enhanced visualization, property calculation, and reporting and dashboarding functionality.
  • Mine, store, federate, and search data using tools that enable cleaning of data, normalization of chemistry used, improvement of stereochemistry information, addition of properties, and fine-tuned searching across databases and data types with a high-degree of specificity.
  • Store and process HTS data, leveraging data from libraries used in the screen, images, numerical data, lab notebook data, and experiment design and notes.

Learn more about Accelrys Informatics Products.


Accelrys Draw lets you edit, visualize, compare, and explore biological sequences along with chemical structures and reactions, improving multidisciplinary collaboration, IP management, and R&D efficiency.

See some of the benefits of Accelrys Draw in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys Draw, you can:

  • Create 1- and 3-letter peptide, DNA, or RNA sequences
  • Draw crossing bonds, disulfide bridges, and attach side-chain protecting groups
  • Convert text into chemically-significant sequences
  • Expand residues in a sequence to full structure to illustrate chemical modifications
  • Manage your complex biological entities (when used in combination with the Accelrys Direct data cartridge and the award-winning Accelrys Biological Registration system).
    • Register and retrieve molecules, reactions, and biomolecular sequences including peptides, oligonucleotides, and oligosaccharides
    • Import sequence files from UniProt for viewing, editing, and interpretation
    • Mutate and modify residues using standard and custom libraries of modifications
    • Add custom residues and linkers, PEGylation, and natural/unnatural lactone/lactam formations
    • Protect IP by registering modified sequences in a corporate database; perform duplicate checking, exact matching, molecular weight calculation, and substructure searching

Learn more about Accelrys Draw.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook for Biology streamlines the capture of biological information and processes, and improves collaboration with colleagues and contract research organizations, with a flexible, enterprise Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

See some of the benefits of Symyx Notebook for Accelrys in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook for Biology, you can:

  • Record unstructured (microscopy, gel images, blots, etc.) and structured data (Excel sheets, graphs)
  • Improve collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines—from research to final product
  • Enhance personal productivity
  • Consolidate experimental data
  • Minimize data errors
  • Protect intellectual property (IP)
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Implement consistent processes across organizations.

Learn more about Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook for Biology.

Decision Support

Isentris provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution for searching, browsing, organizing, and reporting on corporate, project, and personal information used by R&D organizations.

See some of the benefits of Isentris in Biotechnology Research

With Isentris, you can:

  • Integrate information and applications into scientific workflows to improve R&D productivity
  • Develop and extend applications
  • Integrate specialized tools and gain access to internal and external data sources
  • Support workflow processes and strengthen decision making

Learn more about Isentris.

Lab Execution and Analysis

Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software offers unparalleled, high-throughput and experiment automation support for laboratories, combined with comprehensive data visualization and analysis capabilities.

See some of the benefits of Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software, you can increase R&D productivity by:

  • Repeating fewer experiments
  • Predicting more and experimenting less
  • Improving results by better design
  • Failing early
  • Innovating

Learn more about Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software.

Lab Operations

Accelrys Lab Operations Software is an integrated set of applications that enables scientists to manage the chemical and biological aspects of the discovery process.

See some of the benefits of Accelrys Lab Operations Software in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys Lab Operations Software, you can:

  • Build the corporate compound registry
  • Manage reagent procurement
  • Manage plate and sample information
  • Leverage the content value
  • Streamline workflows
  • Enhance lab productivity
  • Support laboratory "back office" operations

Learn more about Accelrys Lab Operations Software.

Database Content and Access Portals

Accelrys offer a comprehensive collection of databases and reference works that cover bioactivity, chemical sourcing, molecular properties, synthetic methodology, metabolism, and toxicology information, as well unparalleled ways to access that data and source compounds, such as through the DiscoveryGate portal.

See some of the benefits of Accelrys Databases and Portals in Biotechnology Research

With Accelrys databases and reference works, you can:

  • Better design experiments and experiment less by utilizing the knowledge of others
  • Access databases online
  • Search across both in-house and public sources of information simultaneously
  • Source compounds faster and more cost-effectively with comprehensive, up-to-date supplier information

Learn more about Accelrys databases and reference works.

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