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Government Agencies

As budgets shrink, federal, state, and local government agencies and contractors must do more with less.  As such, they need solutions that deliver benefits immediately, without the burden of costly and lengthy development efforts.  Accelrys’ SOA-based data management and analysis platform drives process efficiencies that let you gain control over the huge amounts of complex data you need to integrate, disseminate, and mine. 

By delivering unparalleled capabilities for advanced data access and management, process automation, application and instrument integration, data analysis, decision support, and reporting, Accelrys helps you instill best practices that are relevant across an infinite range of projects.  Whether your ultimate goal is developing lighter and stronger aircraft materials, uncovering a new therapeutic, developing a hazard prediction model, or simply unlocking the insight hidden in your data masses, Accelrys solutions will drive down costs and free time for what matters most—innovation and decision making. 

Accelrys product offerings for government agencies and contractors include the following:

Software and Database Integration, Process Automation, and Reporting

Pipeline Pilot lets you integrate disconnected software and databases in a plug-and-play environment, automate data gathering and analysis routines, and create real-time reporting dashboards. With Pipeline Pilot, you can:

  • Save time and attain new insights by automating the collection and analysis of enormous amounts of complex data housed in disparate repositories in various data formats
  • Reduce development time and costs by leveraging an SOA platform to integrate disconnected software, databases, and tools in a plug-and-play environment
  • Graphically create complex analysis workflows using a diverse collection of algorithms that span statistics, data modeling, document search and analysis, image analysis, chemistry, biology, materials science, lab data analytics, and more
  • Improve decision making with real-time reporting dashboards that provide centralized access to data, analysis results, statistics, project status updates, and more
  • Enforce internal processes and procedures by saving and disseminating approved workflows

Life Science Modeling and Simulation

Discovery Studio delivers the advanced life science modeling and simulation tools you need on a platform that enables process automation, custom workflow creation, and integration of disparate data types, databases and third-party or in-house tools. With Discovery Studio, you can:

  • Uncover new targets by developing 3D protein structures using homology/antibody modeling and simulating potential interactions
  • Quickly identify promising leads with sophisticated structure-based, ligand-based, and pharmacophore-based modeling tools
  • Spot potential problems early with ADME, toxicology, and activity profiling tools
  • Optimize candidates with library design, QSAR, SAR, pharmacophore, and fragment-based design tools

Materials Modeling and Simulation

Materials Studio delivers an advanced materials modeling and simulation environment with a robust collection of in silico tools that can be used in the examination of properties, structures, reactions, and processes.  Materials Studio can assist you in many ways, such as by helping them:

  • Develop improved aircraft materials, including coatings, adhesives, electronic conductors, insulators, sensors, displays, and structural materials
  • Optimize electronics design, reliability, and performance
  • Design more efficient energy processes
  • Improve fuel cell development using many methods; for example, by predicting hydrogen adsorption and delivery and studying proton transport mechanisms
  • Control emissions through improved catalyst efficiency
  • Design better pharmaceutical products with tools for structure solution, morphology control, polymorph screening, drug stability screening, and formation design


Accelrys Informatics Products let you capture, manage, analyze and mine large quantities of research data and information, including data on chemical compounds and biological entities. With Accelrys Informatics Products, you can:

  • Scale to address large data volumes, user transactions, and distributed research by leveraging a modern 3-tier SOA based architecture
  • Mine, store, federate, and search data using tools that enable cleaning of data, normalization of chemistry used, improvement of stereochemistry information, addition of properties, and fine-tuned searching across databases and data types with a high-degree of specificity
  • Securely register and manage compounds using a system that provides easy-to-use functionality for registration, uniqueness checking, and corporate ID assignment, as well as optional services such as fine-tuned searching, 2D structure checking, data normalization, enhanced visualization, property calculation, reporting, and much more
  • Increase the efficiency of bioinformatics projects through the collection, mining, analysis, and sharing of data and workflows across the organization
  • Overcome the challenges of registering biological entities such as antibodies, vaccines, and small molecules


Accelrys Draw lets you edit, visualize, compare, and explore chemical structures and reactions as well as biological sequences, improving multidisciplinary collaboration, IP management, and R&D efficiency. With Accelrys Draw, you can:

  • Create complex reactions quickly using dynamic templates
  • Draw structures rapidly with a single freehand tool
  • Annotate reaction schemes with text and arrows
  • Make quick changes with the convenient formatting toolbar

Enterprise Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook brings focus to your collaborative R&D environment with a single, enterprise ELN that helps scientists quickly and easily record, find, report, and reuse experiments, as well as share information with colleagues. With Accelrys Electronic Lab Notebook, you can:

  • Record unstructured (microscopy, gel images, blots, etc.) and structured (Excel sheets, graphs) data
  • Improve collaboration across multiple scientific disciplines—from research to final product
  • Enhance personal productivity
  • Consolidate experimental data
  • Minimize data errors
  • Protect intellectual property (IP)
  • Streamline regulatory compliance
  • Implement consistent processes across organizations

Decision Support

Accelrys Isentris provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution for searching, browsing, organizing, and reporting on corporate, project, and personal information used by R&D organizations. With Accelrys Isentris, you can:

  • Integrate information and applications into scientific workflows to improve R&D productivity
  • Develop and extend applications
  • Support workflow processes and strengthen decision making

Lab Execution and Analysis

Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software offers unparalleled, high-throughput and experiment automation support for laboratories, combined with comprehensive data visualization and analysis capabilities. With Accelrys Lab Execution and Analysis Software, you can increase R&D productivity by:

  • Repeating fewer experiments
  • Predicting more and experimenting less
  • Improving results by better design
  • Failing early
  • Innovating

Databases Content and Portals

Accelrys’ comprehensive collection of databases and reference works cover bioactivity, chemical sourcing, molecular properties, synthetic methodology, metabolism, and toxicology information, as well unparalleled ways to access that data and source compounds, such as through the DiscoveryGate portal. With Accelrys databases and reference works, you can:

  • Better design experiments and experiment less by utilizing the knowledge of others
  • Access databases online
  • Search across both in-house and public sources of information simultaneously
  • Source compounds faster and more cost-effectively with comprehensive, up-to-date supplier information

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