Area of Science: Biosciences

Answer scientific questions across a broad range
of bioscience areas from biotherapeutics to
translational research.


Biosciences Overview

Accelrys offers a range of Bioscience solutions that enable you to quickly implement cutting-edge algorithms from sequence analysis to advanced simulations, leverage data from across the organization, and share workflows.

With Accelrys software solutions you can:

  • Answer today’s most challenging biosciences research questions
  • Increase productivity and free time to advance your R&D programs
  • Enhance scientific collaboration
  • Drive lower IT costs

Browse our areas of Biosciences to discover how Accelrys can provide you with the powerful scientific algorithms you demand alongside process improvement applications that help you optimize your research and development cycle.

Explore the BIOVIA Biologics Solution – An Innovative Biologics Suite that Supports the Discovery and Development of Biotherapeutics

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